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Finbiosoft is an innovative software company founded in 2011 with a mission to help laboratories reach higher quality and better efficiency. Today we provide the world’s first suite of software services empowering our customers around the world to efficiently and accurately evaluate and improve the quality of their diagnostics.

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Trusted at laboratories and test manufacturers of every size

Trusted at laboratories and test manufacturers of every size

Powerful alone. But even better together.

Finbiosoft offers the best solutions for improving the quality of diagnostics. Each product can be easily used alone, but they work best together. With seamless integration, high level of automation and a focus in usability, they empower your organization to take a leap in quality.

Validations and verifications made easy

Cloud-based software service to help you automate verifications/validations of diagnostics methods and instruments.

Popular use cases:

Verifying new commercial instruments and assays

 Validating the performance of in-house tests

 Instrument comparisons, precision and measurement uncertainty

The easiest way to manage EQA rounds

Software service to help you simplify the management of EQA rounds and proficiency testing.

Popular use cases:

 Planning and organizing own cross-laboratory comparisons (internal EQA)

Automatizing round participations, data transfer and reporting

Getting an overview of laboratory’s EQA status and performance

Your PCR interpretation. Accelerated.

Software to help you automate the result analysis of qPCR data and generate results faster, with less risk of errors.

Popular use cases:

Automating result interpretation of inhouse qPCR assays

Automating result analysis for commercial qPCR assays

Transferring analyzed results from lab to LIS

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Transform the way your laboratory works

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