Centralize quality management

The leading laboratory groups trust Validation Manager

Unite your laboratories around a single source of quality management standards and workflows

Instead of burdening yourself with as many report formats as laboratories you have, create verification project templates. This ensures all results are comparable and everyone understand what their peers have been working on.

With verification templates, your new laboratories and employees can easily pick up the quality management workflows and performance goals you have set.

Validation Manager ensures the most modern protocols, statistics and reporting models are in use, so you don’t have to monitor the ever-changing quality regulations. This also makes your laboratory accreditations a breeze.

Conduct centrally managed verifications

Instead of repeating the same verifications in all of your laboratories, choose a centrally managed model to save an enormous amount of samples, reagents and time.

Let central quality management have control over the larger verification projects. In case of issues in a single laboratory, your centralized quality can remotely help spot and resolve the problems.

Have quality data from all of your laboratories stored in one central location and accessible 24/7 to the right employees, even if they work remotely, for smooth accreditations and continuous quality improvement.

Track the performance of your laboratories in real time

Have performance and quality insights of all laboratories gathered into a single, unified interface for easy comparison.

Follow up KPIs across all laboratories in real time and easily drill down into relevant metrics.

Spot issues regarding instrument models, reagent lots, calibration or laboratories before they affect your quality.

Journey to standardized quality

Europe’s largest laboratory service provider standardizes and automates verifications across their lab chain with Validation Manager.

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