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Empower your customers with Validation Manager so they can complete instrument verifications up to 6 times faster than with Excel-based approaches. The results? You can accelerate your reagent sales pipeline by weeks, gain a competitive edge, and optimize efficiency in fulfilling lab tenders.

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Problems with the traditional instrument verification approach

The traditional manual instrument verification approach presents significant obstacles for laboratories. As a result, an increasing number of labs are turning to diagnostic companies for assistance in verifying their newly acquired instruments.


Verification projects often drag on for weeks or even months, depending on the volume of instruments involved.


Each project can contain hundreds of spreadsheets with a myriad of data to manage and verifications to run.


Manual workflows are exhaustive and prone to human errors.


Project delays can disrupt the timely use of new instruments, affecting your reagent sales and overall business growth.

Supercharge your business with Validation Manager

Validation Manager helps you meet the growing demands of your customers and gain a competitive edge.

Accelerate reagent sales

Validation Manager speeds up instrument verifications, enabling you to kickstart reagent sales weeks ahead of schedule.

Win more tenders

Meet rising demand and enhance your proposals with instrument verification support, making your offers more attractive.

Maximize resource efficiency

If your teams are involved in performing the verifications, a Validation Manager subscription streamlines this process and reduces the required internal resources.

Ensure instrument performance and precision

Empower labs to continuously monitor and verify your instruments/reagents through the contract periods, fostering trust and long-term relationships.

Elevate your reputation

Ensure easy accreditation compliance for labs, bolstering your reputation as a comprehensive diagnostics provider.

Provide exceptional customer support

Troubleshoot and analyze issues swiftly and remotely using data-driven insights when labs report instrument or test kit problems.

Offering Validation Manager to your customers

When you include Validation Manager in your tender proposals, you not only enhance your competitiveness but also establish a reputation for consistent commitment to performance and quality.

A straightforward process

You can offer a Validation Manager subscription for the entire duration of your contract with the laboratories. This ensures consistent verification of your instruments, leading to sooner and sustained reagent sales.

If the labs request you to do parts of the verifications, you can use a Validation Manager subscription to streamline this process and reduce the internal resources needed.

How it works


Tender announcement opening doors for collaboration

Newly announced tenders are excellent springboards for diagnostics companies to join forces with Finbiosoft to offer laboratories comprehensive solutions.

Forming a dynamic alliance

We team up with you for synergetic advantages of including instrument verification assistance in your offers. This integrated solution gives laboratories unmatched benefits and functionalities to streamline their verification process. What’s more? It guarantees that you stand out from your competitors and fulfill the tenders effectively.

Offering laboratories a tailored Validation Manager subscription

Your tender proposals will include exclusive Validation Manager subscriptions with bespoke features tailored to the labs’ unique requirements, ensuring a satisfying and one-of-a-kind customer experience.

Customized training and configuration

Our extensive training ensures the laboratories can start using Validation Manager seamlessly. We also configure the Validation Manager environment to accommodate their new and existing instruments and assays, so everything is fine-tuned for their projects.

Accelerated verification project completion

The laboratories can accelerate their verification projects with powerful verification software and best-in-class support. This means faster turnaround times, streamlined workflows, and elevated standards, allowing you to initiate reagent sales weeks sooner.

Sustained usage of Validation Manager for lab quality control

Beyond project completion, the laboratories can continue leveraging Validation Manager for numerous routine quality control tasks like parallel instrument comparisons, measurement of uncertainty, lot-to-lot variation analyses, and more. This ongoing utilization allows for their sustainable operational excellence and precision.

Enterprise-grade data security

External validation

Validation Manager is audited and certified by an independent auditor for large scale software development information security practices, according to OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (OWASP ASVS).


Although there is no patient data ever stored into Validation Manager’s database, we handle all personal data with the highest care and are always very open about our practices. We are committed to helping our customers and users understand and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data encryption

All data in Finbiosoft Cloud, whether in transit or at rest, is encrypted.

Regional data residency

Validation Manager services are run and data stored in data centers located inside EU.


All access to Validation Manager is controlled and all logins are audited. Furthermore, actions and changes inside Validation Manager are audited based on the user logged in. Validation Manager provides support for single sign-on (Microsoft Login), two-factor authentication, as well as user roles and permissions to ensure that the right team members have the right level of access to different functionality.

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