Accelerate your instrument implementation process

The leading test manufacturers trust Validation Manager

Enable laboratories to verify your instruments faster

Laboratories verify new instruments 6 times faster with Validation Manager than with alternative approaches. This cuts down the implementation time by over 20 days, so your instruments can be put into routine use much faster.

Win tenders with your complete offerings

More and more laboratories are requesting test manufacturers to help with verifications. Providing Validation Manager with your test kits and instruments in the tendering phase helps you rise above the competition and win over customers.

Provide your customers with better support

Avoid onsite visits when you can troubleshoot issues faster remotely. Let Validation Manager analyze the root cause for you in a data-driven way whenever your customer reports potential problems with your instruments or test kits.

Conduct internal verifications and validations

Have up-to-date protocols, state-of-the-art statistics, and accurate reporting templates available at your fingertips, so you can make correct conclusions about your quality and ensure regulation compliance.

Wondering how Validation Manager can work for your test manufacturer?

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