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Synlab Group is Europe’s largest laboratory service provider. Operating at large scale and at the same time actively acquiring new laboratories, they face challenges in keeping their laboratories’ quality management uniform.

“On our journey to be an automated and digitalized laboratory, we feel excellently accompanied by the experts at Finbiosoft.”

Dr. med. Petra Lütjens, Head of Quality Management, SYNLAB Group


Manual verification and validation processes

SYNLAB Group needed to standardize the quality management across their labs to cope with increasingly demanding quality standards. One core action point was to tackle the time-consuming verification and validation process that required a lot of manual work.

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Automating and standardizing

SYNLAB Group chose Finbiosoft as a partner to together design the standardized digital answer for verification and validation tasks.

After the successful pilot, Validation Manager software service was taken into use across SYNLAB Group – to conduct the verifications required e.g. when laboratories change their instrumentation.

Validation Manager also allows sharing verification data between laboratories. This standardized, cross-laboratory process can save a huge amount of time for laboratory chains like SYNLAB Group and allows new instruments to be taken into use in multiple laboratories sooner, with fewer resources.

“We appreciate Finbiosoft’s competent total service which includes not only the Validation Manager software but also consultation to help us optimize our verification and validation processes. Previously, our work was very time-consuming.”

Dr. med. Yvette Ziemendorff, Deputy Medical Director at Leinfelden-Echterdingen laboratory, SYNLAB Group


Better quality with less time

With Validation Manager, SYNLAB Group is able to standardize, automate verifications and validations across all their laboratories. “The quality management standardization process is being sped up and it is becoming more and more efficient in all aspects. This will greatly improve our quality and significantly reduce our workload.” said Dr. med. Petra Lütjens, Head of Quality Management Head at SYNLAB Group.

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