Instruments and middleware supported by Validation Manager

Last updated: March 24, 2022

Below are the instrument models and middleware products from which you can import data files to Validation Manager. They’re listed in alphabetical order, first by manufacturers, then by instrument model names.

If you can’t find your instrument models and middleware here, let us know. In most cases, we can add them quite quickly.

Data can be imported from LIS files and through spreadsheet import whether an instrument is on this list or not.

Supported instrument models by manufacturers:

  • Abbott (Afinion 2, Alinity, AMS, Architect, CELL-DYN Ruby, CELL-DYN Sapphire)
  • Advanced Instruments (A2O Advanced Automated Osmometer)
  • Agilent (AriaMx, 6460 LC/MS, 6495C LC/MS)
  • Agilent Technologies (Stratagene Mx3000P, Mx3005P)
  • Aidian QuikRead go
  • Applied Biosystems (AB7500, AB7500 Fast, AB7900HT, QuantStudio)
  • BD Biosciences (BD MAX System, FACSLyric)
  • Beckman Coulter (AU, DxH, DxI, Navios EX, Remisol)
  • Binding Site (Optilite)
  • BioFire (FilmArray)
  • Biohit (GP Reader)
  • Bio Molecular Systems (Mic)
  • Bio-Rad (CFX96, CFX Opus Dx, IH-1000)
  • Cepheid (GeneXpert, GeneXpert Infinity)
  • DiaSorin (Liaison, Liaison XL)
  • Dynex Technologies (DSX)
  • Finbiosoft (Results Manager)
  • Hologic (Panther)
  • Immucor (NEO Iris)
  • Instrumentation Laboratory (ACL Top, GEM Premier)
  • Luminex (Luminex 100/200™)
  • Medix Biochemica (Actim 1ngeni)
  • Mobidiag (Novodiag)
  • Nova Biomedical (StatStrip)
  • Perkin Elmer (AutoDELFIA, GSP, NexION, VICTOR2 D)
  • PixCell (HemoScreen)
  • Precision System Science (geneLEAD XII plus)
  • Qiagen (Rotor-Gene)
  • Radiometer (ABL90, ABL800)
  • Roche (Cobas, CITM, Data Manager, Infinity, LightCycler)
  • RR Mechatronics (Starrsed RS)
  • Sciex (5500 and 4000 LCMS systems)
  • Seegene (Allplex)
  • Shimadzu (GC, LCMS, Nexera X3 UHPLC)
  • Siemens (Advia, Atellica, BCS XP, BN Prospec, Immulite 2000, RAPIDLab, RAPIDPoint)
  • Sysmex (CS, UF, XE, XN, XQ, XR, XS)
  • Theradiag (i-Track 10)
  • Thermo Scientific (Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer, Indiko Plus, Konelab, Phadia 250, QuantStudio)
  • Waters (Xevo TQ-S)