Verify & validate new instruments in days, not weeks

Implementing new instruments in clinical laboratories is a complex, tedious and time-consuming project involving the entire staff. Just … and let Validation Manager take care of the rest.

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“Validation Manager helped our biochemistry department cut the time required to complete instrument verification projects by 30-40%.”

Martyn McAdam

Blood Science Service Manager

Problems with traditional approaches

Traditional approaches rely on Excel spreadsheets and manual work to verify/validate new instruments. This isn’t just slow, complex and costly, it also puts labs at [operational] risks.


Projects take weeks or months to complete. The more instruments to verify, the longer it takes.


Each project contain up to hundreds of spreadsheets, with a plethora of data to manage and verifications to run.


The manual workflows require extensive effort and are prone to human mistakes.


Labs risk not putting the new instruments into use on time when the projects are late.

Software service to automate your verifications/validations

Complete your verification/validation projects up to 6x faster than by Excel

Cut 20% routine quality work

Effortlessly verify tests and instruments within or across labs

Easy accreditations (TBD)

 Spend 95% less time on manual data entry, calculations and reporting

 Eliminate human errors

 Focus on result interpretation rather than manual work

How it works

All validations and verifications done in Validation Manager will be organized as projects. Each project contains a number of studies, each of which is aimed at establishing or verifying one or multiple performance characteristics. All studies have their own protocols, which are executed using a standard workflow with three steps.

Step 1: Plan

Have a plan drawn up so you can define verification objectives and study scope. Validation Manager doesn’t force you to work in a certain way, but you can choose the scope of the protocol used.

Step 2: Work

Perform the actual measurements in your laboratory, then effortlessly transfer the results to Validation Manager using our flexible data importing methods.

Step 3: Report

Watch your results turned to insightful graphs and performance metrics in a snap. Add your own comments and remarks and let Validation Manager generate the final report for you.

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Have guidance at your fingertips

When starting new instrument verification projects, you don’t have to hunt for guidance on what to do and how. Validation Manager provides all the information you need and guides you through each step.

Validation Manager has workflows curated for a vast array of qualitative and quantitative studies. These workflows are designed to guide you through all the elements needed to carry out verifications that are statistically relevant and compliant with the latest protocols and guidelines.

What’s more, Validation Manager enables your lab to:

  • Build your own verification project templates with pre-defined sets of studies and detailed instructions on how to complete each study plan.

  • Upload your own report templates with pre-approved layouts, so every report created by your lab will be standardized and reliable. The outcome? Easy accreditations.

  • Reuse protocols and goals from existing study plans to complete new projects even faster, with minimal manual effort.

This way, your lab can easily guide its staff and ensure that they follow the standardized internal processes.

Plan your studies in minutes

Validation Manager guides you through the planning process, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Just fill in the plan step by step and you’ll get a steady verification plan in minutes.

What makes Validation Manager unique:

It enables you to do multiple different verifications within one study. This makes managing your data and results easier as you don’t have to manually work through dozens of individual Excel sheets.

Validation Manager always asks you to set performance goals for your studies at this step—before any results are produced. This ensures that everyone’s analysis is objective and transparent, and all results are easily comparable.

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Save weeks of manual data entry with automated data import

Instead of manually transcribing your data into dozens of individual Excel sheets, you can save weeks of work by dragging and dropping all data files into Validation Manager at once.

Data files can be grabbed directly from your laboratory instruments, middleware, LIS. This makes your process efficient as you don’t have to deal with any Excel work or manual data input. You can also import Excel sheets into Validation Manager if your data is already there.

Once you’ve dropped the files into Validation Manager, you can effortlessly select specific data you want to import (e.g. from which tests and instruments, for which samples) in just a few clicks.

Validation Manager accepts data files from all major instruments, middleware, and LIS products used by labs and we’re constantly adding more.

Save up to weeks with automated result analysis

Once you have completed importing data, Validation Manager instantly calculates all of the results based on the latest protocols and guidelines and creates all necessary graphs for you. You’ll no longer have to deal with loads of manual calculation and Excel work.

What makes Validation Manager unique:

  • Validation Manager makes it easy to check how concordant your new results are with the old ones. You can even monitor this for each medical decision point separately.
  • All results in Validation Manager are calculated with 95% confidence intervals, so you can easily evaluate their reliability without having to know advanced statistics. Even better, the calculated results are automatically marked as passed or failed based on your performance goals. This way, you don’t have to manually make conclusion for each of them and can simply review those that actually need your attention.
  • For most qPCR instruments, Validation Manager even enables viewing the raw data graphs of individual samples.

With Validation Manager doing all the time-consuming manual work, you can finally have time to focus on more important tasks like interpreting your results.

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Save up to weeks with automated reporting / report generation

With Validation Manager, you no longer have to juggle verification reports from dozens of Excel sheets as Validation Manager gives you an overview of all your reports. You can simply click on any of them to see more details, including all the relevant graphs, results, and comments.

You also don’t have to waste time building the final verification reports as Validation Manager produces a ready-to-download Word report for you in one click. All you need to do is select what to include. No more copy/pasting every detail as with the conventional approach.

What’s even better is you can go fully digital and ditch all the paper, Word, and Excel work. Rather than printing the Word reports out, just show the accreditors your results and all relevant information right inside Validation Manager.

Validation Manager has been used in ISO 15189 and ISO 17025 accredited laboratories across Europe for years, so the data and reports it generates have been accepted by all important accreditation services.

Get full traceability of all your results

Validation Manager gives you full traceability of all results, so you can click on any of them to see:

  • your original data and where it came from

  • who has done what and when

  • all relevant sample and instrument details

What makes Validation Manager unique is that it automatically recognizes potential outliers and gives you a standardized way to mark them as such. For results that need to be removed due to non-statistical reasons, Validation Manager gives you the option to exclude them from the analysis. These results will, however, not be deleted from the reports but remain fully traceable as the rest. You can always click on them to see who has carried out the action, when, and with what comment. This way, you’re ready to answer any questions from accreditors as all relevant information is accessible in one click.

What’s more, you don’t need to worry about re-calculating the results as Validation Manager does that automatically as soon as any data point has been marked as outlier or excluded.

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Collaborate seamlessly

Validation Manager gives your lab tools to collaborate seamlessly on every verification project:

  • Centralized platform: No more hunting for scattered comments or sending endless emails back and forth. Each report has a dedicated comment field located directly where your results are, so everyone can write remarks, add important information, and ask questions in one place. This standardizes and simplifies your feedback loop.

  • Visibility: You can easily track the life cycle of every project, including those your colleagues are working on. With all results, conclusions and other details visible in real-time, you’ll never have to wait until a project is completed to know what has happened. Even better, you can work on studies and projects at the same time with your colleagues.

  • Understandability: All project components are shown in a standardized format, so you can easily review, continue from, or take on your colleagues’ tasks when needed. New team members can also catch up fast without vigorous onboarding.

  • Centralized platform: Validation Manager enables your lab to create, carry out, and organize all verification projects in one place. All information related to the verifications is securely stored in one single source of truth that every team member can refer back to whenever needed.

  • Flexibility: You don’t have to be at the office to get work done. As Validation Manager is a cloud-based solution, you can work anywhere with a computer and the internet.

Technical specs

Not a cloud-based solution so your data will be safe

Results Manager is an offline solution. This means all your data will be securely stored on your laboratory computers, rather than put to the cloud.

Get started in less than 4 hours

Results Manager is so easy to use that both training and set-up take just few hours, not days. Once it’s installed on your computer, you’ll be able to automate the result interpretation at full speed.

World-class support

Whether you need help with setting up interpretation rules or importing instrument files, we’ve got your back. We’ll work together to understand your needs and make sure you succeed at every step of the journey.

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